doggie-door-installersMy name is Jason Kelley and I have been in the construction industry for over 25 years. A few years ago I decided to re-evaluate my purpose and how I could lend my expertise to bring joy to families and pets alike.

My family and I started SoCal Doggie Door installers (for one purpose, independence). Helping people and their pet’s live happy independent lives is our one and only goal. Without a custom built and installed doggie door, people are up and down repeatedly throughout the day and night. Pets love to be outside and next to you at the same time, so what’s the solution?

SoCal Doggie Door Installers is the solution! We help by placing a pet door in a functional place in your home and easily accessible for your pet. There will be no more getting up and down for you opening and closing a door and no more scratching on the door for your pet.

Let us do the honor of helping you find a solution for both you and that furry loved one. We also build dog runs, gates, and other pet friendly projects you might have.

SoCal Doggie doors are safe, secure, reliable and professionally installed. Your pets will thoroughly love their accessibility to come and go, and you will love the freedom and independence it creates for both of you.